Benefits for Etsy Sellers

Drive more traffic

The Etsy marketplace has turned to be a huge place. With so many items for sale, there is an ever-growing need to become more visible. The competition is high and the ability to stand out from the crowd is just getting tougher. helps drive traffic directly to your item and/or Etsy shop, thus, improving the chances that potential buyers will see your products.

This is a complementary site to

We are more known for our other web service Etsy sellers can improve their items exposure on Etsy by using EtsyMarketingTool's automated, flexible and easy-to-use service. We are proud in offering EtsyMarketingTool services for as little as $6.99/month. More than that, sellers that subscribe to EtsyMarketingTool's service, appear here for FREE.

Market your products with ZERO involvement

Our automated processes keep track of your shop items every 6 hours and update this site continiously. You don't have to do a thing!

In these times of commerce, efficiency is a key for better operation and success. Businesses need to focus on what they do best - create their unique products. is here to take care of some of your marketing efforts so you don't have to.

Other Benefits
  • Not everyone knows about Etsy - serves as an additional site for all arts, crafts and hand-made products. People that are not familiar with Etsy may find your products here.

  • When customers browse this site they are presented with smaller collection of items - giving you, the seller, more chances for exposure.
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